street level cafe

Echo Park, Los Angeles, Califorina

                                          our smash-up of Paninis & tortas
                       sides: fruit, mix greens, cucumber salad or daily side


Prosciutto Caprese    10.25
Thinly sliced prosciutto, shaved Parmesan, mozzarella, tomato & basil; seasoned, grilled on a roll

Pesto Turkey   9.75
Roast turkey, mozzarella, seasoned tomato, & basil, with pesto on a crunchy roll

Chicken Prosciutto   10.75
Sliced yummy grilled chicken, fontina, prosciutto, pesto & chopped basil served on a golden, crunchy roll

Apple-Brie   8.75
Tasty concoction of Brie & thinly sliced apple, stone ground mustard on a roll, cook to near perfection

Thanksgiving    9.75
Any time you want… oven roasted sliced turkey, Brie & cranberry sauce on a soft golden roll

V Veggie   8.25
Bell peppers, spinach, tomato, cucumbers & red onions with a pesto cream cheese spread or seasoned avocado drizzled with our olive oil vinaigrette