street level cafe

Echo Park, Los Angeles, Califorina

                  - Grilled Samiches 2.0 -
         sides: fruit, mix greens, cucumber salad or daily side

Bannannie   7.75
Try it!! A gooey delight of peanut butter (chunky or smooth), bananas & honey on grilled wheat – yummy for your tummy!!

Turkey & Mango Chutney    9.75
Roasted turkey topped with mango chutney & mozzarella grilled on rye bread

Prosciutto, Fig jam & Brie   10.25
Sweet & salty - sliced prosciutto with tangy Fig jam topped with brie cheese, grilled to perfection on sourdough

Prosciutto & Swiss on Rye   10.25
Prosciutto & swiss with stone ground mustard on grilled rye for your pleasure 

Spicy Popper   9.75
Spicy jalapeno cream cheese, topped with bacon & sharp cheddar on Ciabatta bread with our spicy spread

Pesto Ham Breakfast Sand   10.25
Its ham & bacon & cheddar & herbed eggs & pesto between grilled rye – wow

Turkey Avo Bacon (TABS)   10.25
Sliced turkey, seasoned avocado, crispy bacon grilled on ciabatta with chipotle aioli… then we add lettuce, tomato & onion

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