street level cafe

Echo Park, Los Angeles, Califorina

                    Grilled Cheese Samiches
                                    sides: fruit, mix greens, cucumber salad or daily side


Grilled Cheese Sandwich   7.75
Sharp cheddar & jack cheeses between sour dough, grilled to gooey, golden deliciousness

BLT Grilled Cheese   9.25

Thinly slice tomato, sharp cheddar, jack cheeses, & bacon on sour dough grilled until golden brown

BrieLT   9.75
Brie Cheese melted on Turkey Bacon & tomato on sourdough – gooey yet gooey

V Avocado & Tomato   8.75
Smashed & seasoned avocado with juicy seasoned tomatoes on sourdough – tasty mess

Tuna Melt   9.50

Tuna salad, stone ground mustard, sharp cheddar cheese & more cheddar cheese between grilled rye bread (spicy??)

S Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese   9.25
Asiago cheese, basil marinara sauce, pepperoni topped with Mozzarella & basil on sour dough – ask for jalapenos &/or black olives

S Bacon, Avocado, Mushrooms (BAM)   10.25
Bacon, seasoned avocado & grilled mushrooms with gooey jack & sharp cheddar cheeses on grilled sour dough for your pleasure – BAM!!

Three-Cheeses   8.75
Mozzarella, Fontina, Asiago cheese, pesto & basil  – cooked to a golden, crisp perfection


                          make it Azores STYLE  2.00
                             (over easy egg on top!!!)