street level cafe

Echo Park, Los Angeles, Califorina

+1.213 413 CAFE

We got coffees.  We got espresso drinks. Crazy coffee drinks. Fantastic Food. Dreamy Desserts. WeeFee. Outside seating.  A comfortable environment.   Open 8 am to 10 pm daily.  Childrenz friendly.  Doggiez appoved.  People friendly.  Or get a picnic to go to the park to eat. 

Great Place to hang out

Coffees & Great Quality Food

​We servie locally roasted coffees.  Also we provide curb service for you busy ones that need the coffee fix on your way to work & maybe even a muffin.  For the ones that have the time to stop in, we are serving a healthy, simple, great quality food product in a great environment.  The world has gone boutique and too high end – its time to bring simple back, yeah.